• Car Computer Intro

    Introduction To STAC Car Computer The purpose of the build out is to take a 100% analog vehicle and bring in modern creature comforts and a modern driveline. In addition to this I will be integrating a few technology tools that are developed at my current work. Scenario In the morning I would like to walk out to my car, walk up to the door and have it unlock for me.
  • Blockchain: End Of War

    Can Blockchain End War This is a very difficult premise to start with. Can a technology solve the problem of war? The plague of large scale violence is the manifestation of most of the world’s worst vices as a single catastrophic man-made event. Many intelligent people have opined on the causes of war over the years with few coming up with ideas and zero defining concrete solutions to those problems.
  • A Weed Delivery Service

    Delivery Service About 6 months ago I decided to take on the task of building a delivery app for the cannabis industry. Here are a few notes from the journey so far. Why? I had just come off building software for Methadone suppliers. It tracked people coming off of harder opiates. As we all know here there is a very strong opiate problem in the United States. It has even caused the redefined CDC Guidelines on Prescribing Opioids for Pain.