Final Preparations

Here is a list of final items pulled together before launching.


We had to get the rear seat installed. You know. So that the passenger wont fall out? There were some guide holes that we tried to use and then realized that it was not going to fit and had to move the seat around. Luckily that landed on a tapped plate which Greg insightfully set the front leg on it with a new plate and welded it in place.

Easter Jeep Safari 2019 - Departure Preparations images/moab/bench1.jpg
K5 Blazer Bench Seat Install

The spare tired had to go into the back of the truck so we had to get the bench seat moved forward for it to fit. This works quite a bit better than the originally placement that seems to fit someone that is more than 6’3” tall.

Touchscreen Monitor

The install for the touchscreen is modest. It does an OK job keep the screen in place and not moving.

Easter Jeep Safari 2019 - Departure Preparations images/moab/touchscreen.jpg
Touchscreen Monitor

Notice there is a ~5w solar charger attached to the front window. This will keep the stand-alone batter charged for the computer operation. It might allow me to keep the camera running while I am not with it.

Rock Sliders on 1st Generation K5

This was a big request. If I slip off a rock or pick any routes that bring the body close to rocks then I am going to ruin my paint and maybe my door.

My goal was to having something similar to the Gunner Side Steps - Rock Sliders. This should protect the truck plenty and these beefy sliders add a ton of aesthetics to the truck.

One thing different about this is that they will have removable steps. This is a new product that I don’t really see on the market yet.

Greg running the CNC Plazma table:

Vinyl Decals

The sponsors needed to get some love. I learned that there are some nice tools that help getting the sticker placement before actually having to stick the decals on.

Easter Jeep Safari 2019 - Departure Preparations images/moab/decals.jpg
Decals for Moab EJS2019
Easter Jeep Safari 2019 - Departure Preparations images/moab/decals2.jpg
Decals for Moab EJS2019


Yesterday, Greg spent a hell of a day pulling everything together for the truck. It was a 20 hour day for him. And this isn’t easy work. This isn’t clerical work.

It was a late start because I was working too late and didn’t want to drive this while tired. The truck is too sketchy at this stage to be drowsy.

The truck is a bit noisy. I really needed to dedicate more time to sound proofing. That was something I could have done. Now my ears suffer my punishment