Facial Recognition

Computer Vision Libraries





This is simple enough. But it’s worth calling out individually. If you do deep work with these binaries then you will start to mess with cmake. It’s a bit tough to build binaries.


apt-get install cmake

Install dlib on Ubuntu

The easiest way to install dlib is to install it with the bundled version with pip.

It may end up that you will need to compile dlib. It depends on how deep you are going into the framework.

pip3 install dlib

If you have to compile this there may be a lot of features coming with it that aren’t always needed. Things like guis and cameras.

cd examples mkdir build cd build cmake .. cmake –build . –config Release

You will need this to install the face tools next.

Install Face Recognition Repo

This library has been invaluable as a set of time saving tools for me.



pip3 install face-recognition==1.2.3

Finish Python Install