• Deploying Hugo the Golang CMS on DigitalOcean - Nginx

    Deploying Hugo the Golang CMS on DigitalOcean Creating a Droplet I am a bit partial to CentOS. The lastest version as of this writing is CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core). Setting up a droplet is always very simple. Just turn it on basically. Upload your ssh keys. Done. Install Nginx Add the epel repo: yum install epel-release Install yum install nginx Start it service nginx start systemctl enable nginx Create the Folders mkdir -p /var/www/ursite/ chown -R nginx:nginx /var/www touch /var/www/ursite/index.
  • Hugo: A replacement for Wordpress

    Hugo: A Replacement for Wordpress TL;DR I researched go Found Hugo Setup a test Migrated my Wordpress instance Launched DigitalOcean Droplet Deployed Total time: 6 hours Continued: My problems started almost a year before I took up this cause. At the time I only had 2 Wordpress sites. Very very low traffic. Only a couple users a day. They were mostly place holders for business sites. Wordpress is hungry What was annoying about the case was that they would randomly carsh!