Networking Transceivers This is all pretty new stuff for me. I have been a cat5 ethernet guy since the beginning. There was just never a need to push more data than what I was getting. But now with converged storage that need is quite apparent. After having deployed a MapR-FS and doing a speed test I realized where I needed to make improvements. Again this page is mostly for my notes.

Encrypt PostgreSQL Backup to S3

Encrypt Your DB Backups I’m mostly putting this here for my reference. I do this in multiple projects and always seem to forget where my instructions are. Generate Keys From your user’s home directory: openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 1000000 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout .ssh/backup_key.pem -out .ssh/backup_key.pem.pub Fill out the questions appropriately. Or not. I don’t think it matters really. That will create the public and private keys. backup_key.pem - private key backup_key.

Why We Quit OpenStack: or How I Lost 2 Months of My Life

TL;DR OpenStack is a massive complicated ecosystem. It is only going to survive by the vendors that support it and probably not what you need. Backstory Let me begin by saying that given the proper talent pool, financial resources, and time; OpenStack probably isn’t bad for some people. For most institutions it is just wrong. I will probably write another article that outlines all the questions that I should have asked before starting this.

Purdue University Predicts Success

Purdue University Predicts Student Success Using Data Science Most people know that the student who is doing well inside a class may likely prosper in another class, but tend to you anticipate whether students would succeed according to the number of occasions they joined into the campus network? Using the explosion of information sets available now, Purdue University could evaluate data from hundreds of thousands of excellent and successful graduates, to assist conjecture models for graduation rates as well as on-time graduations.

The Fast-Growing Data Center Segment

How Fast-Growing Data Center Segment Bridges Corporate Networks and the Cloud Companies, searching to achieve the very best performance in the cloud, are putting a greater value on lowering the physical distance between their servers and their respective cloud providers. Colocation data centers, where their machines share space, emerged as a key point in enterprise cloud strategy. For CIOs, a significant advantage of colocation would be that the closeness to cloud providers makes connections faster.

Better Communication Through Big Data

Better Communication Through Big Data We’ve heard the word ‘Big Data’ tossed around more recently. This is actually the idea of computationally examining very large data sets to show designs, trends, and associations, especially relevant to human behavior and interactions. Even though it still appears farfetched that the computer algorithm can improve personal connections, a lot of companies really are leveraging fraxel treatments through apps and gamification to enhance connections using their clients.

What Companies Do Not Understand About Employing for Data Scientist

What Companies Do Not Understand About Employing for Data Scientist Within The Data Incubator, I’ve spoken to hundreds of companies searching to make use of the expertise of data scientists - particularly people with advanced levels. Due to the hype surrounding big data nowadays, it’s unsurprising that there’s as much floating around as there are facts. Sadly, employing managers frequently be a victim of believing many common misconceptions actually was.

3 Reasons Why Data Centers Are Eco-Friendly

Reasons Why Data Centers Are Eco-Friendly Within the thick of the exciting election year, I figured it’d be interesting to go to politics. Not to endorse one of the candidates or predict a winner, actually, but to recall a telling moment before the inauguration in our current president. It had been December 2008, when Barbara Walters questioned President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle throughout a prime time ABC television special.

Data Science: Building Workplace Diversities

Data Science: Building Workplace Diversities Romantic relationships mixed with someone’s personal career and place of work might be a recipe for trouble but eHarmony thinks mingling these two might provide the ability to create a comfortable work environment while bringing people together at the jobs they love. Being that eHarmony’s algorithms can improve diversity in the workplace, there are numerous Silicon Valley companies that want to evaluate the possibility. This is obviously a heated topic without a quick solution.

Choosing Your Data Warehouse Product

Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Data Warehouse Product How big is your company, and what resources are at your disposal? What exactly are your performance needs? Responding to these questions and others will help you pick the best data warehouse platform. Once you have made the decision to build a new data warehouse, or expand a current one, you will want to pick the right technology for the organization.

Solving Society's Problems With Data

How Data Science can Solve Society’s Problems During the Data Science Bowl, scientists focused on real problems - how to build solutions that will benefit society. The 2010 competition centered particularly on cardiovascular disease. During the last decade, data science has developed this promising idea into a mainstream tool that companies and institutions have used at an entirely different level. Obviously, data science can also be valuable for addressing an increasing variety of problems in areas including medicine and

Data Science Job Search

How to Search for Data Science Jobs No one can stop the fast-faced growth of data science, and we all can see it everywhere in this world. Every day, we can see organizations and companies creating more data. But they cannot maximize the benefits of this huge amount of information because of the talent shortage in the industry. We have great amounts of data, yet they will become useless if they are never managed the right way.

Why Data Science in Marketing is Rising

The Rise of Data Science in Marketing As the “digital” age gets to be more of a lifestyle for everyone, a surge of information emerges by which actions and interactions could be planned to a particular behavior with enough precision. It has brought towards the rise of information science-or, in simpler terms, critical business information that brings clearness to how people interact within the digital world. Data science is essential for marketers since it helps local companies achieve, target, engage, and convert potential clients with increased granularity and precision.

Big Data and Storage: What are the Trends?

Big Data and Storage: What are the Trends? As cloud computing is constantly disrupting traditional business models and large data keeps growing at tremendous rates, techies and traders alike are searching for top trends which will change the way we conduct business in 2016 and beyond. From emotional robots to driverless cars, here are five breakthrough improvements to keep track of as the year unfolds: Hybrid and public clouds Machine learning Advancing automotive technology Emotion recognition software Big data simplified Once we live in a future dominated by big data, cloud computing, driverless cars, and emotionally available robots, real life technology is rivaling as well as exceeding everything you’ve seen in sci-fi.

The Myths of Big Data

The Myths of Big Data – From Analysts’ Point of View As Big Data is constantly gaining prominence in the enterprise and consumer sector, keeping pace with developing technology has become a necessity for individuals wishing to stay relevant. In the last hours of BigDataSV 2016, theCUBE is covering #BigDataWeek, news concerning the #StrataHadoop conference, John Furrier (@furrier), Shaun Frick (@JeffFrick) and Peter Burris (@plburris). The cohosts of theCUBE from the SiliconANGLE Media team met to break down information they gathered during the conference and to provide selected quotes they’d collected throughout their time in the event.

Django Search: Multiple Fields and Full Text

Text Search - Django Model Fields Django has a pretty flexible ORM, but sometimes clients need a free-form text search to get down to the content that you are looking for. It is beyond the capability of most engineers to build a comprehensive search tool and shoehorn it into an existing application. There are people working on these problems for years. This does remind me of a senior boss that asked me to add a fuzzy search field to an application and that it was “super simple”.

Big Data on a Budget

Big Data on a Budget: How To Do It? Investing in big data could mean getting those tools and services that are needed to make it effective - Software, Hardware and a new staff. These will surely add to your expenses, and most business owners never aimed for that. Good thing, there are ways that you can minimize your costs with big data. These tips and ideas will be very helpful for every company who are looking for further help and innovation that big data can bring.

Microsoft Accelerator Seattle Machine Learning Funding

Microsoft’s Seattle Accelerator Presents the 10 Machine Learning and Data Science Startups In 2014, Microsoft’ accelerator in Seattle was launched with the group of home automation startups. In the year 2015, it opened the door of opportunities for the “digital work” companies as their second batch. This 2016, along with their discovery that there is a $1 billion venture capital invested in data science and machine learning over the past 2 years, Microsoft welcomed their third cohort - the group for cognitive technology.

What Does a Data Scientist Do

What Does a Data Scientist Do Uncovering the Key Capabilities of a Data Scientist Are you thinking of pursuing a career as a data scientist? It has been published that being in this field could mean you will be in-demand for many companies. So, it is not surprising if the number of individuals turning to data science is fast increasing. But being a data scientist will also bring you huge responsibilities.

Health, Interconnectivity - The Data Revolution

Health, Medical Interconnectivity and The Coming Data Revolution Johnson Davis’ Walk Six red indicators breach the serene layout of the medical information dashboard. Gauges, charts and graphs provide human cues concerning the information flowing through the Intra-Medical Services Accountability Pipeline. The IMSAP emerged in evolutionary form as various government, education and enterprises started the race to consume the calculus of living data. And now these machines of data consumption interpret the flow of what some consider the representation of that thing which connects life and machine.