Binding Multiple Terminals

I am running on multiple servers all the time. And with DTAC doing testing of big data I obviously need to play with many servers at once. I used to do a lot of work on linux and loved the broadcast ability of the terminals. So when I moved onto mac I expected more.

I tried a few other terminal apps. Particularly iTerm2 that has some nice broadcasting. But I didn’t like having to deal with the tabs and keystrokes. I kinda liked having multiple windows and the ease of launching with csshX

csshX Installation

csshX - Cluster SSH tool using MacOS-X

Installation is trivial.

brew install csshx

See if you have a working copy

csshx –help

Configure csshX

Create a config file. I chose to set up an rc file in my home directory.

touch ~/.csshrc

Logging In With SSH Keys

You are going to need this. Pretty much all cloud servers require keys.

csshx –login ubuntu –ssh_args “-i .ssh/your_private_key” host1 host2

That should get you pretty far.