Better Communication Through Big Data

We’ve heard the word ‘Big Data’ tossed around more recently. This is actually the idea of computationally examining very large data sets to show designs, trends, and associations, especially relevant to human behavior and interactions. Even though it still appears farfetched that the computer algorithm can improve personal connections, a lot of companies really are leveraging fraxel treatments through apps and gamification to enhance connections using their clients. And possibly, to leverage these technologies to enhance place of work culture.

Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ: MATR), lately introduced the release of Workstyle, an application that utilizes gamification (and computational analysis) to assist employees enhance customer experiences by training these to identify character traits that improve personal connections. The model is made upon software initially developed at NASA within the 1970’s, which measured the emotional condition from the astronaut. The NASA team figured that, additional to physical monitors, among the best methods to measure the astronauts’ emotional states ended up evaluating the word that is being used between mission control and the shuttle. They found this computational analysis enhanced communication between mission control and also the shuttle, permitting mission control to higher satisfy the emotional and physical needs from the space travelers. About ten years ago, Mattersight acquired an exclusive license to make use of this technology within CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and it has been building this platform using the interest of better communication of customers through customer services and sales interactions.

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