What Does a Data Scientist Do

Uncovering the Key Capabilities of a Data Scientist

Are you thinking of pursuing a career as a data scientist? It has been published that being in this field could mean you will be in-demand for many companies. So, it is not surprising if the number of individuals turning to data science is fast increasing.

But being a data scientist will also bring you huge responsibilities. You will cover various roles from different industries and organizations, with academia, finance and government being just some of them. Some of them will differ from each other. The skills and duties that you will carry, as a data scientist, will hugely vary from each other.

Dr Steve Hanks, a man who leads a team who is responsible of all analytical works in whitePages.com, tells us that there are three things that every data scientist should understand. These three thoughts must always be kept in mind by those who are in the field.

  1. Data has a MEANING.
  2. Understand the problem that needs solution, and how data RELATES to it.
  3. Understand the ENGINEERING.

Curated from: Bernard Marr

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