• GLA 69 K5 - bumper start

    Well, we got the truck running enough that I can drive it around. It stops. We even locked it up and watched the black lines form up behind the tires. Not bad for 35’s. It was moved over to Camarillo to the shop known as Mercenary Offroad where a custom bumper will be fabricated for it. The designator for this bumper is also 001 as it will be the first one designed for this series truck.
  • GLA 69 K5 Brakes

    So the PO was rough on the vehicle. Probably multiple PO’s. Included are some pictures to show the detail we went to in repairing and rebuilding the brake systems. The brake system had been WORKED. They were pretty much shot. When we got it the pedal hit the floor. It didn’t want to stop so the ride to the shop was a bit of a terror show for that 2 miles.
  • General Lee-Anne 001

    Here we go. 1969 hugger orange rust bucket. This thing barely stops. It stops when it wants to. So it’s kinda like a woman. Every bushing and joint is shot. Probably never replaced a thing on it. And the adventure begins. I’m using this truck as the first in my branded line of modified restorations. Our focus for these trucks is somewhere in between utility and aesthetics. Not just a mall crawler but something of a useful truck that also gets attention.