• PHPunit Slowness Performance Suggestions

    PHPUnit Is Slowness I love PHPUnit don’t get me wrong. More than a testing library, I like testing, or having tests. It’s like the code got yo back bro! Build code that lasts. EDIT: I know most of the problems are inherent with tests not the testing framework. However, my requirements dictate how I use it to a certain extent. Peace. PHPUnit is painfully slow. Seriously. Though. Maybe having a concurrent environment it can run it would help.
  • Force HTTPS on Laravel 5 behind AWS ELB on EC2

    Laravel 5 - Enforcing HTTPS I’ve used a lot of frameworks. Laravel is great. Dealing with a load balancer Most of us are on a scaled service and most of us need HTTPS. It is much easier to put the SSL certificate on the load balancer and then proxy the request over port 80 to the actual server. It saves on CPU processes as well since the decryption work doesn’t have to be performed on the slave boxes.
  • PHP Hypermedia REST API wrapper

    Hypermedia for PHP APIs. Well, here it is. I’m finally finishing up my Hypermedia layer for our Laravel 5.1 build. I am excited about the possibilities for this library and think this might help bring more PHP products into the era of Internet-of-Things (IoT). In Production - Alpha Right now I have it in our very alpha phase version of the software running the LeadFerret business lead search system.