• Why I Converted To Catholicism

    Cradle Protestant I was born into a souther style Pentecostal family. If you haven’t been to a southern religious event then you really haven’t experienced a major demographic of US spiritualism. It’s something to behold. My career in getting in trouble and screwing with the system started in kindergarten. I was trouble. For reals. I remember I had 2 girl friends about the same time, I was flirting with the teacher, was spanked by the principal twice and almost expelled.
  • Vehemenism

    Preface to Vehemenism Opening letter to future ultra-violent men. We stand at a transition. Either at the bottom of a cliff we may ascend, or at the precipice of one we will be pushed from. This “we” is addressed to men alone. Only we are the ones presented with this unique problem. It is a problem of perspective and one that contains many recursive questions. The answer to these questions will ultimately decide whether or not the observer was indeed a man.
  • What is Wrong With Millennials

    What is Up With Those Millennials? Ah, yes. The click bait. A marketing construct of the GenX’ers: pornographic gossip without the payoff. But, since you are here… My Motivation: Agism I have become infuriated seeing one segment of United States citizenry be the target of a multiple-party attack. This pressure has been escalating over the last couple of years, and I wanted to make a number of assertions and lay out some warnings.