• Linux USB Relay Controller

    Finding A Relay Controller One of my bigger worries is working with peripherals. I needed to find a camera and I felt like that was going to be easy enough. The relay controller will hit the actuators running the door locks. What Is A Relay Switch Most things inside a car take a decent amount of power to actuate or power them. The car is limited to 12V DC and your other measurements are amps and watts.
  • Car Computer Camera

    Camera Overview Finding a good camera shouldn’t be too difficult given how many cameras exist now. They are literally everywhere. Camera Criteria I learned right away that the cameras were pretty much all standardized. They came in a few flavors but overall they were either too small, too wide, or too expensive. That helped me limit stuff down a lot. small not much distortion (fish eye is bad) resolution > 720p color USB preferable Preferences Embeddable Flush mounted White 1080p hardened housing Hardware Choices First Find I found this one right off by searching for “USB Camera”.
  • Car Computer Hardware

    Searching For The Right Car Computer Hardware My trip to Fry’s in LA this morning wasn’t as great as I hoped. But I did get some great ideas on how to accomplish things. There were two major themes in the hardware that I looked at. Small isolated modular things Apple stuff There wasn’t much for integration or components that were universal. Either they were for their own little world or they were for some subset of the Apple ecosystem.