Preface to Vehemenism

Opening letter to future ultra-violent men.

We stand at a transition. Either at the bottom of a cliff we may ascend, or at the precipice of one we will be pushed from. This “we” is addressed to men alone. Only we are the ones presented with this unique problem. It is a problem of perspective and one that contains many recursive questions. The answer to these questions will ultimately decide whether or not the observer was indeed a man. That question will ultimately distill to a single query: “Am I to destroy myself?”

There are few men left, and that number is decreasing rapidly. Daily, men are swept up into situations of dramatic tone or superficial satisfaction, and thus lose track of their primary objective of continuing their growth as men. Essentially they die in place or regress back into boyhood. It is not the goal of this philosophy to determine whether someone is in a state inside or outside of natural balance. It is not the job of philosophy to find the man and teach him. It is the man’s job to find the Truth and come to terms with that.

I will note that what I reference is not my entire personal philosophy, but variations on it. I am Aristotelian and admire the stoic qualities. I also find them to more appropriate recently. I’ve considered not writing under my personal identities because I still enjoy some of the benefits of this mature, albeit feminine, society. At this point, given our political and foreign policies, it takes relatively little effort to be kicked out. It won’t be the first time. Luckily my marketing usually suffers, so it is doubtful many if any will see this.

These cyclical changes in society are not things any one person has control over. We are actors in the play.


Why do I immediately focus on men? If this is a cultural epoch then why not include all of Society? Women and children are part of society, but are not being fundamentally altered. They are being amplified. Their amplification is dramatically reducing the available pool of men. In this scenario, there is a zero-sum outcome.

Another reason that this series will approach men first is because Vehemenism is characteristically masculine. It is the crack and whiplash at the end of Nihilism; which is characteristically feminine. Ex: Feelings are the will and the will to power is everything.

Similar to how the mode of communication does shape the message, the environment in which we persist will shape us. We have less control over our environment than we believe. The goal of this series is to identify the aspects of the environment that do affect men and how it will shape us.

It is not possible to predict the future; however, this new philosophy is an abstract concept that I find follows nihilistic decadence as a natural recapitulation. Call it the payment on the blood debt. It may not last for long after nihilism. Feminism may win and bring on a new era. The problem with the latter is an era of feminine peace is an era without peace and an era without men.

I will also attempt to lay out modern scientific, biological and sociological ideas that are newer and contradict the classical concepts relating to the identity of self and the exercise of will.

Hopefully, I will be able to identify the way these men might communicate on a substratum. There is always a mode of communication that facilitates uninhibited collaboration. The same with feminist magazines or women’s book clubs. Places that were almost entirely free of men.

This is a philosophy of a post-modern post-Christian male.


Men are tribal. There is no question about this. Anyone who has a problem understanding this concept is not a man. It is our natural state. It is not a state that children, boys, and women would ever naturally coalesce into. Boys tend to drift this direction, but it is a weak concept for them because they lack some of the requisites that each man must bring into the tribe. Those sacred ingredients are what men require, and the tribe requires to function and sustain.

There is a difference in the paleo-tribalism that we might theorize early humans were practicing, and what we see today with neo-tribalism. I am referencing the adherence to social norms which force people into fabricated tribes such as sports teams, nations, schools, political parties or ideological bases.

The truth is we have very weak ideas about how humans lived before there was written history. Intelligent people have tried to theorize, but that dynamic will always be misunderstood. We simply don’t know. Considering they don’t know how to live in their own skin as real men, it is unlikely they understand the dynamics of prehistoric males.

Tribalism will hold a central fixture in this series because that is the basic power structure for a male-centric existence. A man can still be a man by himself, but it’s much harder to develop essential skills and survive. Bravo to those who can or are forced to. To go beyond the tribe into a “society” always suggests a sacrifice of the tribe and the roles that men hold inside that social paradigm.

The Pack

Leadership is something that has mostly vanished in modern society. Many people think they are leaders, but in actuality, they are just bosses pushing people around and wholly supported by an efficient and complicated infrastructure. I will attempt to go into what leadership is and how it relates to the outcome of the pack as a whole.

Leadership is directly linked to the long-term survival of the tribe. There is an imprint of the leader of the pack on that pack. What makes a tribe different from a squad, company, sports team, or any other fiscal endeavor is the tribe is for life. A manager doesn’t expect to be involved with a group for more than a few months or years. His priority is his personal advancement.

Packs need an alpha to be a pack. At least one. Many alpha types can exist in a group, and all males should seek to live as alphas even if they are in supporting roles. Followers are just as important as leaders.

Right now there is a general dearth of qualified or capable males for these roles. Most do not understand or care to learn what base virtues are required in the making of an alpha.

The Virtues

Chivalry is dead.

The French taught us that at Agincourt. Arrogant nobility pretended to adventure themselves against a band of peasants and were properly pwned. Idealism is a great way to get one’s brain scooped out in front of one’s friends.

The virtues and pseudo-virtues of after Roman/medieval era did not and will not hold any gunpowder nowadays. I will try to explain why they do not and what they have been replaced with.

The martial virtues are still somewhat intact and combined with tribal virtue they may not scale very well, but are the strongest group bonds and fulfill men in a way that no other system is capable of right now.


Men need violence. It is necessary for our transition into manhood. Men have been starved for real violence for a long time, and there will be a sharp curl back on this trajectory. It may only be a few of us men who decide to prescribe this back on society, but it will ultimately destroy those few men who choose to do it.

One of the reasons for the rise in global “terrorism” is because there is a general (global) thirst for violence. If no one satisfies this thirst, then a few people must, with greater obligation, step forward to bring the fight out for the public’s consumption. I also make no differentiation between the US military NATO and radicalized religious groups of Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or Christian flavors. Terror and brutality are techniques used in all theaters of war, and both the USA and their oppositions are equally responsible for fulfilling the global quotas of blood.

True violence has no limits. It has no morals, and the harbinger is simply doing the will of the gods. Violence arrested is violence not meted. The gods will demand blood cover the world if the harbingers betray them. It is the way of nature.

The beauty of violence is the fact that is non-refundable. Once it has acted upon us, it is final. Like a bomb. It is the same with intercourse: real sex that is. Not intercourse with birth control or contraceptives. Opposite from the way foolish children are taught to use their bodies like a playground. Nothing can truly be romantic unless it is absolute and final.


Morality exists as a byproduct of intention. It is something that a Vehemenist does not have to concern himself with because individual actions are not in themselves moral or immoral when viewed under a microscope. What makes the man moral is the level of self-actualized completeness the man has achieved and his current ego. Any artificial ego is immoral. All men have some ego. Therefore all men are inherently immoral. All actions may have some taint of corruption. Thus, worrying about if an individual action is immoral is contrary to the philosophy. What should exist before contemplation; is the destruction of self and the violent removal of threats to the tribe.

This should not be confused with the concept of “the ends justify the means.” That is a feminine concept that sociopaths use to justify their actions against society or individuals. Instead, abstract morality is something that is only realized inside of the greater picture and only God or the gods would concern themselves in arguing over the minutiae of implementation. This is freedom in action and thought. If one of our brothers is to be in Hades, it is better to go to join him there than end up in paradise alone with hens.


Morality and ethics exist either as subsets or supersets. Depending on your vantage point. As it relates to men, ethics is something that extends only to the border of the tribes. It may be advantageous to follow a code of conduct in order for the tribe to maintain a level of credibility. This facilitates commerce. Ethics only extend up to the perimeter of the circle. As waves of concentric rings fade as they go away from the center of a dropped stone; so do weak concepts of morality. Ethics are a weak facsimile of morals.

Some very brief introductions to diminishing ethical characteristics can be related to the fact that one’s motives usually change once the man travels away from the family unit. Materialism takes hold once someone leaves their home. In the open market, people are incapable of being ethical. Ethical markets only exist in magical places that women and children visit at night. A man cannot and should not trust someone from another tribe and the only reason to deal with them to increase one’s material wealth. There is very little social wealth that is gained in the market.

Because ethics are largely irrelevant, I will attempt to break down the various social paradigms that may oppress or limit men’s development which live under the guise of ethics.


Your impulses are not your identity. It is entirely irrelevant who or what you are naturally or unnaturally attracted to.

Vehemenists will have men who are part of the homosexual third wave. I’ll break down the iterations of sexual dysfunctions in this country and try to explain what the tribal alpha is in relation to his approach to sexuality. Alpha men are and must always be in control of their urges. A deviation from this is a weakness.

The pederasty is an institution that has been around for many years and evolved over time to strengthen men and boys relationships. There has never been an institutional concept of same-sex marriage. The concept is counter-productive for a state and only exists in an era when women can participate in open combat. This kind of marriage is something artificial and naturally perverse to a vehemenist. Men are pragmatic, and there is no significant human development which comes from a man legally binding himself to another man. Love is a Valentine’s day card and a pile of chocolate.

Just as homosexual impulses are controllable so are every other impulse. The alpha is not an alpha if he is taken down by someone of fair complexion. It is better for a man to be raped by another man than to have his entire life destroyed by a deceptive woman. At least if he is raped, he can recover his dignity knowing that he can still fight. Women literally take everything with ease. Soul, car, house, kids and pension.

Men who pursue copulation with one or multiple women for the enhancement of their personal self-image are mentally distressed. It is easy to test the purpose of these adventures: if it is to make children, then it passes. Everything else is for recreation or to cover over some deficiency in one’s life. Similar to how alcohol or drugs cover a deficiency.

Neo-stoicism is not easy.


This should be self-explanatory.

Beta males cuckold for a woman who is intellectually in bed with an alpha. These men are usually easily paid off with sexual treats and small spaces of freedom that they can march around in like tiny Napoleons on their island.


This institution is a farce. It serves no other purpose at this point than to transfer wealth and to punish foolish men for agreeing to legally participate. Any formal contract that can so easily be broken is no contract at all. A study of marriage from a purely fiscal vantage point will explain why the Vehemenist would only agree to join a marriage if there are considerable financial benefits to him. Otherwise the tribe should seek to discourage it and attempt to pull the responsibility of raising children centrally under the strongest and most virtuous women.

Child Rearing

Isolated and atomic families who hide their parenting tactics from the tribe are suspect to the tribe. If their intentions are to strengthen the group, then there is no logical reason why any aspect of their life should be hidden from the tribe. Everyone essentially has to do the same things to live. Infection grows in darkness. Outside the tribe, however, the familial ideals should be guarded. Knowing those allows another group to break down the tribe.

It is one of the major conditions of our society that families are easily programmed. This happens when isolated families consume and attempt to interpret information without the critical interjection from wise neighbors. Certainly, no one wants to have their judgment questioned, but it is essential. Instead what we have is media, news, tabloids and gossip penetrating millions of households with information designed to push them towards their objective. Usually a goal of consumerism.

Woman have sought the “safest” way to raise children and have almost entirely taken the responsibility of that role away from men.

It should be noted that women are not capable of raising boys to manhood. By the time boys hit an age of puberty all women must take a secondary role in raising the boy. Even slight interaction with boys may cause them to develop effeminate characteristics, or they will compensate by developing an unjust masculine pride that only a woman can fulfill. The first feminine trap.


Vehemenists seek to bring themselves to the highest level of their physical capacity. This is a pillar of the philosophy and extends to both women and children.

Conquering one’s own mind is essential in forcing oneself to peak physical capacity. Self-destruction is the doorway by which we transition into excellence.

Self-development is not for vain purposes, but for sincere personal development. It is yet to be determined whether women are capable of developing their bodies and then not immediately cashing in on the rewards by putting them on display. There may be better examples of vanity, but that is probably the leader.

Both men and woman have the very challenging job of determining what is most beneficial for their health and pushing the best system forward. The ultimate goal is to make those systems a social or traditional characteristic of the tribe.

Drugs and alcohol must be used with limitations and for specific purposes. The same way that sex isn’t a recreational device, neither are mind altering substances. It may not be wrong to do these things, but it is always better to abstain from these chemicals when possible.


Tribe is religion.

We have lost too much of the mystery of our souls and are incapable of pulling things out of ourselves anymore. It is dying inside of us. The pain is covered over with our ego. It is too hard to tell which religious basis will be adopted by Vehemenists. It could be many. There are candidates with various favorable ingredients. Gnosticism. Paganism. Ascetic or Orthodox Christianity. Islam. Zen Buddhism or Taoism. That isn’t the point. The point of the tribe is to develop cultural norms by which the participants can all relate and where the martial virtues are supported.


Enhancing the mind is critically important. The forces that will attack the tribe are going to be overwhelmingly administrative.

There are very few physical existential threats to the tribe when compared to the soft continuous threats of marketing, pharmaceuticals, educational institutions, the war machine and simple-minded meddling neighbors.

This topic will need deep discourse. Having thoughtful leaders will make or destroy a tribe. There are many conditions now that are going to force the tribe into the shadows. A careful study of the Islamic insurgents or the IRA would be a great starting point. Both of those small groups were able to go up against empires and force them to the negotiating tables, albeit with sacrifice.


I have not put any time limit on my work on this. It could take days, weeks or years. This is not my philosophy but one that I believe will appear soon.

The path of the warrior is also a path to enlightenment.