Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live. Socrates - Plutarch, How a Young Man Ought to Hear Poems

A Warrior’s Diet

What physically intimate activity do we participate in more than any other?


The Philosophy

One of the more immediate steps in becoming awake is overcoming the omnivore’s dilemma. The passion of hunger. We take other living things into our bodies and literally become one with them. Most religions incorporate some form of consumption into their ritual. It is part of every culture and one of those most important glues in uniting various traditions.

Food is religion.

Food is health.

Food is life and death.


Your diet is a long term wager that should reflect your ultimate goals and ethos. The outcome is measured over years.

We Are What We Eat

Every part of your body including your mind is effected by what you do and do not consume. Eating an unhealthy diet will slow the cognitive abilities of the warrior and leave him sluggish to think. Consuming large amounts of meat will draw the blood away from the brain and cause it to be used to processes a higher than necessary amount of flesh. Processed sugars will spike glucose and cause the mind to race and then crash leaving a less than desirable concentration peak. Too few vegetables causes the body to crave more of various foods that if not satisfied and in turn substituted with inadequate foods will leave the body overweight and diseased. Buying food of lower quality that is laden with petrochemicals and heavy metals will cause the immune system to weaken and make the body vulnerable to any number of diseases.

Again it is advantageous to think in the mind of our enemy. He is able to gain an upper hand by strategically supplying his enemy with high calorie low value and nutritionally wasted food. Even better he can cause the immune system of his enemy to be weakened so that a biological attack is possible. If the mind of the opponent can be made saturated with metals there opens a whole range of psychological attacks aimed at unbalancing the hormones of the body. Once our enemy can control just one of the emotions he can alter just about every other action and you are no longer valuable as a soldier except as fodder. It is simple in this age and not at all fantastic.

Buffalo Bests Lion


If you wish to attack these assertions do so knowing you are wagering your own body, and it is likely that I am physically above you in the food chain already. Be grateful for the constructs of society. This is philosophy.


The closer to the earth you go the closer to life you will be. Generally the more times something is processed the less densely nutritional it will be for you and at some level may be harmful. Taking milk directly from the cow will inherit all those beneficial enzymes that we have accustomed our bodies to over the last few millennium. Pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized milk has been killed essentially. Also add the fact that highly processed diary has biological system altering antibiotic and hormonal additive levels in it. Foods that are highly processed corn byproducts are terrible for the mind and the body as well as damaging to the economy and feed the industrial war machine. High fructose corn syrup HFCS is the diseased blood of our flat lands. It should be boxed up and shipped to the front doors of our enemy in the sweetest form it can take.

Strategy against terror states: Americanize their foodchain.

The older in the anthropological food chain you go the easier it is for you body to digest. It is unrealistic that humans were carnivores. We are omnivores and a special kind: one that does not inherit instincts as the animals do. We are dissimilar to every animal in nearly every decision we make and food is no difference. It took the institution of tradition to pass along the various things we learned about: what to eat and what not to. Culture defined the combinations and quantities of those things. The post pseudo-cosmopolitanism of the United States set the table for a feast to forsake Epicurus. We were determined to eat in our cars while driving. And now we are the wasteline [sic] of the world.

Invest In Food (Nutrition)

Contributing to the agricultural infrastructure is the one tactic a society can have that will always have positive effects and those which are greater than any other civil infrastructure including education and medicine. “Smart” folks think that their potential is limitless and are the pinnacle of human development, but without healthy hardened people to support their ideas they are slightly above fodder for the incoming armies. Without the productive classes they would starve out with haste and lose all their wives and children to those who can produce food. It is only in these highly critical states of systems that people who are weaker are able to float the top. The greatest part of history is supported by those who are of hearty healthy stock. Farming is not dumb work and it takes a lifetime to simply keep up with the land.

Environmentalists will agree with these topics on some level. Or should. Simply changing our agricultural strategies would do more for the environment than taking all the cars off the road. It is the right solution to many of our problems. When someone asks “…but what can I do” there is a very simple solution. Give something back to the earth. It raised us and nursed us and all we do is act like spoiled children and take take take.

Earth is our first Mother.

Man’s first job was farming. It should be each man’s responsibility to understand how to manage and grow his own food and what it takes to produce food. Our task is to toil. The goal of progress should not be to remove work. It should be to make our lives better and if we sit around like fat slobs our life is in no way better. That will only emphasize the trivial problems in our lives.

Masculine Hunger

You don’t have bigger balls or thicker chest hairs if you consume a ton of read meat each day. That is not biologically sound and is likely fear-based peer pressure feeding on an underdeveloped level of sexual maturity. In fact you might have to get your colon scraped out because you caused internal problems by forcing too much of the wrong substance into it. Putting your body’s Ph level off into the acidic side will increase your chances of cancer and that might just claim one of those huge nuts you are growing. Moderation is key.

Listening to your body and maintaining a proper diet that is balanced by nature will increase those things which men need to thrive. Alkaline foods are going to put your body into a state that promotes optimal performance and will in turn stimulate everything to run in peak performance. There is very simple science to back up these decisions and it does not require validation of a fad diet. Sure you can do things that throw your body into a state of ketosis and cause the fat to come off fast but you are increasing your acid levels and causing your metabolism to ramp up. Learn biology and think for yourself. The last part is discipline.

Aesthetics, Health, Vanity

There is some validity in the idea that big muscular dudes get the girls. It’s nature. A woman wants a man that is going to be capable of giving her a child with the best chances of survival. A fat or broken man is going to have far fewer options when being selected. Within a few seconds of viewing a man it is possible for her to tell whether this person is above or below average in health, strength, social value, and whether he is dominant or passive. These are primal characteristics, but how do they relate to this? They weren’t designed simply for the attraction of the other mate, but to bring glory back to God. The ultimate designer. Does someone who cannot tend their own body bring pride to anyone?

We do not want people around us who cannot control their lives. Their diet is important to control and where vanity might be a good motivator it is easy to make this vice into a virtue. Eating well will grow our bodies into structures that are desirable to women, ourselves. At the end of our lives we should not necessarily turn in a pretty corpse but one that was driven so hard that the wheels fell off of it as it was being pulled into the garage. What keeps this from being vanity is purpose. It is because we get more miles on a fit healthy body that we find joy in what we have sculpted. True joy. Not transient chemical happiness.

Remember, bodies are made in the kitchen.

Prayer, Fasting, Charity

Warrior Meditation and the Path to Enlightenment

There are three things, my brethren, by which faith stands firm, devotion remains constant, and virtue endures. They are prayer, fasting and mercy. Prayer knocks at the door, fasting obtains, mercy receives. Prayer, mercy and fasting: these three are one, and they give life to each other. Saint Peter Chrysologus

Here is where we get down to the real “meat” of the topic and with real scientific evidence to back this up. Your primal urges must be subdued regularly if you wish to elevate yourself. No, it will not hurt you. If it does you might be mentally or physically too weak to handle this program. What it will do is open your mind. Gandhi did it. Christ did it. Muhammad did it. The prophets did it. This is a must and should be incorporated into any leadership system. There are very few ways that we can unlock this deep primal part of our brains. If you have not been truly starving then you have not made yourself available.

Cattle and Sheeple

Anthropologically we are not grazing animals. We are more appropriately scavengers and in some situations hunters. We are opportunists by nature. Humans were not found grazing on the range all day. These diets of eating many times in a day are just setting people up to be slaughter animals. Severely restricting the body will put us into a state of survival which releases all sorts of amazing hormones into the body. Our minds and bodies work at a higher operational level when in this state. It is exactly opposite of what most would think. In this hedonistic social paradigm we live in this is yet another anti-truism of common intuition. The only scientifically proven method of prolonging life is caloric restriction. If a longer life is a measure of health then there is no better credibility in this system.


Apparently France didn’t get the memo that they should be dying or morbidly obese. Research Celiac Disease please. Odds are you don’t have it.

Supplements are (bad|good)
Please, again do your own research and find out what you need to actually supplement. Our agricultural system is in a bad way so there are probably things you need to get more of that you may supplement to get you where you need to be, but it wont make up for being lazy.

Fat is Bad
Being fat is bad. Eating it isn’t necessarily bad. Listen to your body and make wise decisions. Another fad pushed by the US health industry that threw our whole dietary development into the fan.


Remember, it is up to you to determine what to eat and your decisions must be well researched and implemented. Once the best meals are put into place they need to be cast solid by repetition and then turned into a habit. Eventually they may become tradition and if enough of us pass these good habits forward they may become a cultural improvement that we can be proud of.