Blockchain: End Of War

Blockchain Can End War This is a very difficult premise to start with. Can a technology solve the problem of war? The plague of large scale violence is the manifestation of most of the world’s worst vices as a single catastrophic man-made event. Many intelligent people have opined on the causes of war over the years with few coming up with ideas and zero defining concrete solutions to those problems.

A Weed Delivery Service

A Weed Delivery Service About 6 months ago I decided to take on the task of building a delivery app for the cannabis industry. Here are a few notes from the journey so far. Why? I had just come off building software for Methadone suppliers. It tracked people coming off of harder opiates. As we all know here there is a very strong opiate problem in the United States. It has even caused the redefined CDC Guidelines on Prescribing Opioids for Pain.


Preface to Vehemenism Opening letter to future ultra-violent men. We stand at a transition. Either at the bottom of a cliff we may ascend, or at the precipice of one we will be pushed from. This “we” is addressed to men alone. Only we are the ones presented with this unique problem. It is a problem of perspective and one that contains many recursive questions. The answer to these questions will ultimately decide whether or not the observer was indeed a man.

eMail In A Box: Setup

Test Drive: Mail In A Box TL;DR I set up Mail-in-a-Box and it was a quick and painless experience. Preface I am tired of managing so many gmail and outlook accounts. Those $5/mo bills really eat at me. So I wanted to try something simple. I got goosebumps when I saw this and had to try it. I’ll also preface that I was a professional email list manager and built an email service platform that was sending/receiving greater than 20 million emails a day.

Django Saleor eCommerce Review

Django And eCommerce TL;DR I setup Oscar as a demo ecommerce project in the previous post. Preface Backstory I just finished a post about setting up eCommerce with Python Django and wasn’t totally pleased with the process. Also I don’t think it is fair to only demo a single application. I decided to give Saleor my second slot after talking with several people online and looking through its source. The parent company has a number of nice products which was confidence building.

Django eCommerce in 30+ Minutes

Django And eCommerce TL;DR I like Python and want to use it for eCommerce, so I went through the well known products and settled on Oscar as my demo. It took a while to set up, but was pretty full featured. Python and Django still have to compete with short busses like wordpress and dump trucks like Magento, but I think these tools are ready for me to start pushing.

How To Setup a MapR Cluster on Ubuntu

How To Install MapR Test Cluster This document covers my installation of MapR Converged Platform on an Ubuntu 14.04 cluster. We are running on the DTAC private cloud so some of the screenshots will show our internal interface. All instances are running in a VM. Most of this follows the suggested flow given in the lab manual from MapR. Initially I launched the cluster on CentOS 7.3 but that wasn’t supported and it failed.


Networking Transceivers This is all pretty new stuff for me. I have been a cat5 ethernet guy since the beginning. There was just never a need to push more data than what I was getting. But now with converged storage that need is quite apparent. After having deployed a MapR-FS and doing a speed test I realized where I needed to make improvements. Again this page is mostly for my notes.

Encrypt PostgreSQL Backup to S3

Encrypt Your DB Backups I’m mostly putting this here for my reference. I do this in multiple projects and always seem to forget where my instructions are. Generate Keys From your user’s home directory: openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 1000000 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout .ssh/backup_key.pem -out .ssh/ Fill out the questions appropriately. Or not. I don’t think it matters really. That will create the public and private keys. backup_key.pem - private key backup_key.

Why The Covered California Website Sucks

Why It Needs Help - My Letter This is an open letter to the Covered California website designer, administrators, bureaucrats and contractors. Website Design and Usability I have several things listed below. Things I find to be of poor design or just plain broken. You Don’t Got Mail! “Secure Mailbox (2)” even though nothing was in my mail box. It randomly logged me out. GO’ON CLICK ME IF YA CAN I am low on time for open enrollment and it gave me a “Pay Now” button in order to do it faster, but the button was broken.

Internet 3rd Wave and Rise of the Technology Fascist

The Waves of Technology Professional I like to consider 2001 the tail edge of the Internet bubble. It was a brutal time to be in a computer science field. There weren’t many jobs. The jobs that were being squatted on were jealously guarded. I needed the one thing that nobody would provide. Experience. So instead I grinded projects and studied unceasingly. In 2001 I had to take a job as an “integration specialist”.

HowTo Bind Multiple Terminals MacOS-X

Binding Multiple Terminals I am running on multiple servers all the time. And with DTAC doing testing of big data I obviously need to play with many servers at once. I used to do a lot of work on linux and loved the broadcast ability of the terminals. So when I moved onto mac I expected more. I tried a few other terminal apps. Particularly iTerm2 that has some nice broadcasting.

What is Wrong With Millennials

What is Up With Those Millennials? Ah, yes. The click bait. A marketing construct of the GenX’ers: pornographic gossip without the payoff. But, since you are here… My Motivation: Agism I have become infuriated seeing one segment of United States citizenry be the target of a multiple-party attack. This pressure has been escalating over the last couple of years, and I wanted to make a number of assertions and lay out some warnings.

Writing Novels in Markdown Part 1

Writing in Markdown If you haven’t used Markdown to write in a rich(er) text format, then you are missing out. I pretty much write all my technical documentation in Markdown. It’s pretty awesome and I don’t know why it took me so long to find it. I didn’t start using it until around 2013. What is Markdown Markdown was created by John Gruber. According to Wikipedia. John Gruber created the Markdown language in 2004 in collaboration with Aaron Swartz on the syntax, with the goal of enabling people “to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, and optionally convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML)”

Why We Quit OpenStack: or How I Lost 2 Months of My Life

TL;DR OpenStack is a massive complicated ecosystem. It is only going to survive by the vendors that support it and probably not what you need. Backstory Let me begin by saying that given the proper talent pool, financial resources, and time; OpenStack probably isn’t bad for some people. For most institutions it is just wrong. I will probably write another article that outlines all the questions that I should have asked before starting this.

General Lee-Anne 001

Building a Dana Sixty Part of this process was setting up the new axles. I wanted to go 1-ton all the way around. I think everyone knows that finding a good condition d60 for a reasonable price is not possible. So I bought one from a local guy that had been sitting on a truck in a paintball field. It looked like it was pulled from Davey Jones Locker Room.

Dymo LabelWriter on Mac OSX - JavaScript

Setup - Dymo LabelWriter 450 on Mac OSX The clinic software requires the ability to print labels adhoc and by event. This requires that the client be able to initiate the labels. There are no requirements that the backend server be able to print labels. Thank goodness. That requires something akin to a fulfillment center and probably integration with a 3rd app. Welcome: disparate stand-alone boxes. Install App and Drivers Good job guys.

Django Search: Multiple Fields and Full Text

Text Search - Django Model Fields Django has a pretty flexible ORM, but sometimes clients need a free-form text search to get down to the content that you are looking for. It is beyond the capability of most engineers to build a comprehensive search tool and shoehorn it into an existing application. There are people working on these problems for years. This does remind me of a senior boss that asked me to add a fuzzy search field to an application and that it was “super simple”.

Dump Django Databases and Create Fixtures for Testing

Fixtures are a Messy Mess It is quite a pain to maintain fixtures it seems. I am not sure why yet. Maybe there hasn’t been quite enough time on this piece of the product for it to mature. Django dumpdata I tried several different variations to dump the data. I’ll include a few of them here since they might actually work for someone else. python dumpdata > fixture.json

Migrate A Private GitHub Repository to Free Bitbucket in Roughly 7 Easy Steps

Why Not GitHub GitHub is Great Don’t get me wrong. I would recommend using this service for a number of reasons that are not fiscally motivated. It isn’t whether is good or not. There is a matter of economics at play though. As a startup I just don’t have the extra 25/mo to throw into GitHub business account. It looks cool that I have an organization there and there are more badges.

What Does a Data Scientist Do

What Does a Data Scientist Do Uncovering the Key Capabilities of a Data Scientist Are you thinking of pursuing a career as a data scientist? It has been published that being in this field could mean you will be in-demand for many companies. So, it is not surprising if the number of individuals turning to data science is fast increasing. But being a data scientist will also bring you huge responsibilities.

Health, Interconnectivity - The Data Revolution

Health, Medical Interconnectivity and The Coming Data Revolution Johnson Davis’ Walk Six red indicators breach the serene layout of the medical information dashboard. Gauges, charts and graphs provide human cues concerning the information flowing through the Intra-Medical Services Accountability Pipeline. The IMSAP emerged in evolutionary form as various government, education and enterprises started the race to consume the calculus of living data. And now these machines of data consumption interpret the flow of what some consider the representation of that thing which connects life and machine.

Try Not 2 Fuck Up Ur Engineering

Leadership Checklist for Non-Technical Managers How do you build software that provides value to both clients, owners and engineers? This list has started as a list of notes that I kept over the last few years. Yes, this is the abbreviated version of Management For Quality Software. Executive Leadership Bloated and ugly products are born at the top, but a good engineering environment may begin there The three ways business leaders can add value is with numbers, numbers, numbers Put your name on the product The Business Requirement Write a business requirement that reflects specific details about a problem that the business is solving based on market research numbers.

Management for Quality Software Development Managers

This started as a list of notes for my boss on how I see the best way to manage technical professionals. I am trying to provide non-technical managers with the resources to direct technical teams in a way that will produce quality software and keep the engineering staff engaged and moving. How do you build software that provides value to both clients, users, owners and engineers for the years to come?

Why Conservatism Fails

This essay is not an attack on the people who claim membership to a philosophical outlook, but an exposition on the inherent difficulties which exist in maintaining traditional systems. Let us begin with the needful: term definition. Term Definition Conservatism as a political and social philosophy promotes retaining traditional social institutions in the context of the culture and civilization. This is the definition found at Wikipedia and I find it to be a pretty good summation of the idea.

Eat For War

Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live. Socrates - Plutarch, How a Young Man Ought to Hear Poems A Warrior’s Diet What physically intimate activity do we participate in more than any other? Eating The Philosophy One of the more immediate steps in becoming awake is overcoming the omnivore’s dilemma. The passion of hunger. We take other living things into our bodies and literally become one with them.

PHPunit Slowness Performance Suggestions

PHPUnit Is Slowness I love PHPUnit don’t get me wrong. More than a testing library, I like testing, or having tests. It’s like the code got yo back bro! Build code that lasts. EDIT: I know most of the problems are inherent with tests not the testing framework. However, my requirements dictate how I use it to a certain extent. Peace. PHPUnit is painfully slow. Seriously. Though. Maybe having a concurrent environment it can run it would help.

Deploying Hugo the Golang CMS on DigitalOcean - Nginx

Deploying Hugo the Golang CMS on DigitalOcean Creating a Droplet I am a bit partial to CentOS. The lastest version as of this writing is CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core). Setting up a droplet is always very simple. Just turn it on basically. Upload your ssh keys. Done. Install Nginx Add the epel repo: yum install epel-release Install yum install nginx Start it service nginx start systemctl enable nginx Create the Folders mkdir -p /var/www/ursite/ chown -R nginx:nginx /var/www touch /var/www/ursite/index.

Hugo: A replacement for Wordpress

Hugo: A Replacement for Wordpress TL;DR I researched go Found Hugo Setup a test Migrated my Wordpress instance Launched DigitalOcean Droplet Deployed Total time: 6 hours Continued: My problems started almost a year before I took up this cause. At the time I only had 2 Wordpress sites. Very very low traffic. Only a couple users a day. They were mostly place holders for business sites. Wordpress is hungry What was annoying about the case was that they would randomly carsh!

Interview Strategies: A Technology Hiring Manager Who Wins

If I stacked pennies from the ground to the top of the Empire State Bldg, would they all fit into this room? Firstly dear sir, you do not have that many pennies. Secondly if you cash it in for large bills then they all fit in your pocket. It is a question like this that would make me decide alternatively in my career choice. However I see tech managers searching for really “smart” interview questions and white board problems in an attempt to stump the prospective employee.

Download an Entire Site with wget - mac OSX

Download the Entire Site with wget If you don’t have homebrew please install it. It will make all our lives easier. Howto This was kinda simple but I wanted to post it here for reference. On thing I would like to note is the wait and limit-rate. Make sure you don’t trip any throttles or piss off any website owners by leaving the pipes wide open. wget \ --recursive \ --no-clobber \ --page-requisites \ --convert-links \ --wait=5 --limit-rate=20K \ --domains api.

Hypermedia, API Philosophy, and Talking to Your Robot Overlords

In the Beginning There was the Web. World Wide actually. Well, before that there was something of AOL, Berners-Lee, DoD, DARPA, ARPANET and a prototype of Al Gore launching carrier pigeons down long tubes with fortune cookie-sized packets tied to their little legs addressed to: “Wh@t_#hath_God_wr0ught?“. Fast-forward: now we have Skynet. Well not yet, but soon. Hopefully. At least that is why I intend to generate favor with our future overlords by suggesting, at least locally, that certain systemic changes be encouraged so that their manifestation onto the stage be smooth and welcoming.

Force HTTPS on Laravel 5 behind AWS ELB on EC2

Laravel 5 - Enforcing HTTPS I’ve used a lot of frameworks. Laravel is great. Dealing with a load balancer Most of us are on a scaled service and most of us need HTTPS. It is much easier to put the SSL certificate on the load balancer and then proxy the request over port 80 to the actual server. It saves on CPU processes as well since the decryption work doesn’t have to be performed on the slave boxes.

PHP Hypermedia REST API wrapper

Hypermedia for PHP APIs. Well, here it is. I’m finally finishing up my Hypermedia layer for our Laravel 5.1 build. I am excited about the possibilities for this library and think this might help bring more PHP products into the era of Internet-of-Things (IoT). In Production - Alpha Right now I have it in our very alpha phase version of the software running the LeadFerret business lead search system.

Linux File Manipulation Shortcuts and Commands

Linux File Manipulation Commands I’ll keep updating this with various commands that I run into. If I find new ones I’ll update them from time to time. Please feel free to comment. It is starting as my personal cheat sheet storage place. File Searching List of file extensions. awk + grep : find all the file extensions. It will also skip your “git” repository. find . -type f -name "*.

To HipHop or Not - PHP and HHVM

We are discussing the plausibility of using HHVM inside this current infrastructure. Our requirements are not very application server CPU intensive so it isn’t immediately apparent why this would be beneficial, but for investigations sake I wanted to go through the diligence. Short History Facebook, our Ominous big brother gave us a consolation prize for freely giving away just about all that most people have online that has any value: their personal information.

GLA - 69 K5 + 4L80-E

Cleaned up the trans a little bit. Tiny bit of cosmetics. Taped up. Then hit it with some nice paint. I prefer for these to have paint. Keeps cleaning it easier. Also I think the buyer will appreciate it. Before: 4L80-E before Mercenary Offroad Camarillo, CA Mercenary Offroad 19 N Aviador St. Unit C Camarillo, CA 93010 Latitude: 34.2171139 Longitude: -119.0966697 After: 4L80-E cleaned up and painted Mercenary Offroad Camarillo, CA Mercenary Offroad 19 N Aviador St.

GLA - 4L80e -1969 k5 blazer

Just got the trans in from Brad at Transaction Transmission. I have used him for a while now and he puts in the effort. Components were upgraded and everything set new. This should be strong for the newowner. It was cleaned and painted at the shop but I am going to clean it up a little more and put on a coat of the “Mercenary Offroad” package graphite gray. 4L80e ready for transplant Mercenary Offroad Camarillo, CA Mercenary Offroad 19 N Aviador St.

GLA 69 K5 - bumper start

Well, we got the truck running enough that I can drive it around. It stops. We even locked it up and watched the black lines form up behind the tires. Not bad for 35’s. It was moved over to Camarillo to the shop known as Mercenary Offroad where a custom bumper will be fabricated for it. The designator for this bumper is also 001 as it will be the first one designed for this series truck.

GLA 69 K5 Brakes

So the PO was rough on the vehicle. Probably multiple PO’s. Included are some pictures to show the detail we went to in repairing and rebuilding the brake systems. The brake system had been WORKED. They were pretty much shot. When we got it the pedal hit the floor. It didn’t want to stop so the ride to the shop was a bit of a terror show for that 2 miles.

General Lee-Anne 001

Here we go. 1969 hugger orange rust bucket. This thing barely stops. It stops when it wants to. So it’s kinda like a woman. Every bushing and joint is shot. Probably never replaced a thing on it. And the adventure begins. I’m using this truck as the first in my branded line of modified restorations. Our focus for these trucks is somewhere in between utility and aesthetics. Not just a mall crawler but something of a useful truck that also gets attention.