How Fast-Growing Data Center Segment Bridges Corporate Networks and the Cloud

Companies, searching to achieve the very best performance in the cloud, are putting a greater value on lowering the physical distance between their servers and their respective cloud providers. Colocation data centers, where their machines share space, emerged as a key point in enterprise cloud strategy.

For CIOs, a significant advantage of colocation would be that the closeness to cloud providers makes connections faster. Equinix Corporation, the market’s biggest colocation firm by revenue, states it offers under 10 milliseconds of latency to in excess of 90% of people of the United States and Europe. The setup is becoming more and more essential as companies move a part of their IT infrastructure towards the cloud, but nonetheless need fast connections for their corporate data centers in so-known as hybrid cloud plans. ‘You can observe colocation like a mid-point between your traditional type of businesses running their very own data centers and moving fully towards the public cloud,’ stated John Dinsdale, chief analyst and controlling director of Synergy Research Group.

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