Purdue University Predicts Student Success Using Data Science

Most people know that the student who is doing well inside a class may likely prosper in another class, but tend to you anticipate whether students would succeed according to the number of occasions they joined into the campus network?

Using the explosion of information sets available now, Purdue University could evaluate data from hundreds of thousands of excellent and successful graduates, to assist conjecture models for graduation rates as well as on-time graduations. (Gerry McCartney](https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerry-mccartney-9352142), VP & CIO at Purdue, spoke about these new data sets and just how Purdue use them in the recent AGENDA16 conference.

With increased data available (from such things as network login records and geolocation), they could make smarter predictions. Purdue then works together with existing students as well as their experts to avoid any tripping blocks towards graduation. One huge surprise was how data science has switched traditional analytics on its mind, McCartney stated.

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