How to Search for Data Science Jobs

No one can stop the fast-faced growth of data science, and we all can see it everywhere in this world. Every day, we can see organizations and companies creating more data. But they cannot maximize the benefits of this huge amount of information because of the talent shortage in the industry. We have great amounts of data, yet they will become useless if they are never managed the right way.

By the year 2018, in U. S. alone, it had been forecasted that we will face a shortage of more than 150,000 data analyst. After the announcement made by Glassdoor data scientist will be the top requested job in 2016. Will you be part of this field?

If your answer is YES, then here are some tips to ensure you are starting your career hunt in the right way.

  1. Build a Reliable and Presentable Data Science Portfolio and Resume
  2. Network and Build a Personal Brand in Data Science
  3. Find a Mentor for Your Career
  4. Start Getting Involved in the Community
  5. Always Prepare for the Interview

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