Reasons Why Data Centers Are Eco-Friendly

Within the thick of the exciting election year, I figured it’d be interesting to go to politics. Not to endorse one of the candidates or predict a winner, actually, but to recall a telling moment before the inauguration in our current president.

It had been December 2008, when Barbara Walters questioned President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle throughout a prime time ABC television special. In those days, Obama had not yet been sworn set for his first term and hadn’t moved in to the White House. But Barbara requested if he intends to make his new 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue address more eco-friendly to be able to set a good example for other people in America.

‘Each of us has a role to play in not being wasteful when it comes to energy,’ Obama responded. ‘For us to turn off the lights when we leave the house, to make sure that we’re unplugging the chargers that we use on our smartphones.’

3 Reasons Why it is Great to the Environment

  1. Connectivity and conservation are not mutually exclusive
  2. Web-scale data centers, like the Government, commit to green
  3. Doing the right thing, right now

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