Microsoft’s Seattle Accelerator Presents the 10 Machine Learning and Data Science Startups

In 2014, Microsoft’ accelerator in Seattle was launched with the group of home automation startups. In the year 2015, it opened the door of opportunities for the “digital work” companies as their second batch.

This 2016, along with their discovery that there is a $1 billion venture capital invested in data science and machine learning over the past 2 years, Microsoft welcomed their third cohort - the group for cognitive technology.

This search has never been easy. Microsoft spent several months on going from going across the 12 cities in the US and Canada to choose these 10 startups. From the thousands of companies who applied for the program, the list has been cut down to 10. And they are:

  1. Affinio - based in New York City crunchbase
  2. Agolo - based in New York City crunchbase
  3. Clarify - based in Austin crunchbase
  4. DefinedCrowd - based in Seattle
  5. Knomos - based in Vancouver
  6. MedWhat - based in Palo Alto crunchbase
  7. OneBridge Solutions - based in Boise
  8. Percolata - based in Palo Alto crunchbase
  9. Plexuss - based in Walnut Creek, California crunchbase
  10. simMachines - based in St. Louis

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