• Why I Converted To Catholicism

    Cradle Protestant I was born into a souther style Pentecostal family. If you haven’t been to a southern religious event then you really haven’t experienced a major demographic of US spiritualism. It’s something to behold. My career in getting in trouble and screwing with the system started in kindergarten. I was trouble. For reals. I remember I had 2 girl friends about the same time, I was flirting with the teacher, was spanked by the principal twice and almost expelled.
  • EJS 2019 - The Slow Route There

    The First Leg We didn’t make it out on time. Obviously because I got home at 2am and didn’t want to drive this beast at that speed. The schedule manager Mariah insisted that we could get to Vegas in 4 hours. However she never went with a trail truck. To Vegas The first leg of the trip was uneventful. The truck was operating gracefully. The sound on the road
  • Easter Jeep Safari 2019 - Departure Preparations

    Final Preparations Here is a list of final items pulled together before launching. Interior We had to get the rear seat installed. You know. So that the passenger wont fall out? There were some guide holes that we tried to use and then realized that it was not going to fit and had to move the seat around. Luckily that landed on a tapped plate which Greg insightfully set the front leg on it with a new plate and welded it in place.